New Exhibition Of The Eccentric Cartoons Of Ernest J. Pomeroy

Visit our online exhibition of a collection of Cartoons by Ernest J. Pomeroy depicting people, animals and imaginary animals. The collection also features three cartoons of Adolf Hitler. Click here to visit the full online exhibition.




The Eccentric Cartoons of Ernest J. Pomeroy

A collection of Cartoons by Ernest J. Pomeroy depicting people ,animals and imaginary animals. Also three cartoons of Adolf Hitler.Little is known of Mr Pomeroy, there is no biography or information anywhere. However he was talented draughtsman, capturing people and animals with skill.

Theses drawings were found in a provincial sale ,in one lot in an old photo album. I was amazed by the variety of drawings and the imagination  used to create the very strange and unique (hopefully) animals.

I hope you find them equally of interest.


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